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Welcome to The Concert Photo Of The Day for 05/30/13 .          
It's funny how a seemingly random event can propel you down a path that borders on obsession, and sometimes not even bordering. The event that led me today's Concert Photo of the Day was the same event that led me to yesterday's photo. I just followed a slight, but connected, path to get there. It all started with album 1, track 1 of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals of Cold Roses...that song being Magnolia Mountain.

Yesterday I veered towards then Cardinals bassist, Catherine Popper and as yesterday unfolded while I was reorganizing my studio after a surprise move, I sort of slipped/jumped into the Ryan Adams' bat cave. I didn't mean to but while I was sorting things into piles that only make sense to me (don't attempt this at home, I'm a trained professional) I came across some recordings that I burned to CD for another rabid Ryan Adams fan but keep forgetting to give to him. (one day, Tim...one day)

The time was December and the place was the venue Town Hall in New York City. Ryan Adams was doing three nights and had promised unique setlist for all the shows. Unique as in...no song played twice over three nights. Now I've been a part of events like this before but normally it takes the some form of playing albums in whole. No, no, no...each night's setlist was a mix of tunes from many albums congealed in a form and shape that was only clear, or not, to Ryan Adams Interspersed between the jams was patter that perfectly matched the randomness of a move that had no organization except that which comes from dumping drawers of stuff into unlabeled boxes, moving them to a new location and THEN try to make sense of them...after the fact. So the randomness of the move and Ryan became the order. The sense of it all was its nonsense!

Mix together those nights of Arkam Asylum, top knots, Samuri pigtails, Kiss boots, songs just written and those classic, set breaks when the band didn't leave the stage, New York love and Tennessee Honey, Santa Claus, country songs where "somebody dies and somebody fucks" along with half written photography contracts and ideas, ticket stubs and reciepts that crisscrossed the United States, CDs that I thought I had lost, equipment that I forgot I purchased, phone numbers scribbled on jagged edged pieces of ripped paper that might have led to lucrative business deals or erotic bliss or both or neither but instead are now thoughts of "who is this?"

At around 10 pm last night fueled by gallons of consumed coffee a single word formed in my brain...Peanut. At first I didn't make any connection except that it was random, and because of that it fit right into the scheme of things. Hell, I don't even like peanuts. A few moments later it hit me...Peanut is the nickname of Ryan Adams' Gibson walnut body ES-355. Immediately I went to the photos of the last night (first night would have been to predictable) of the above Town Hall shows and found today's photo that contained almost as many seemingly unconnected elements...classic guitar, Batman pin, hair-style uniqueness and green leafy trees growing out of the stage as my own moving experieces.

It all came together...just like that. I have to wonder if yesterday's maelstrom of everything was just a guide because I approached today's photo with a new processing approach...one that I had never used, much less thought about before. Actually it breaks about four different photography processing rules but looks so right to me that I really don't care.

Random or divinely dictated? We may never know.           

Today's photo was taken with a Canon 350D camera body coupled with a Canon EF 70 - 200 mm f/2.8 IS L lens at a focal length of 165 mm. The camera settings were ISO 1600, f/2.8 and a shutter speed of 1/80 of a second.